How I Work


If you’ve never worked with a copywriter, you might be wondering how it works. Even if you have used a copywriter before, it’s good to be clear about how things work when working with me.

First things first ...

I need to know what you want. Sometimes it can be hard to articulate, so I’ve got a briefing document to help capture all your random thoughts.

It may seem like a lot, but this means I can create my proposal as accurately as possible. I’m happy to chat about it over the phone, Zoom, or face-to-face if you’re a local.


I’ve got a Proposal for you

Once I’ve read over your briefing document, I’ll put together a proposal, outlining the details of the job with comprehensive pricing that includes rounds of amends, meetings and any incidentals. The details will be open for discussion, so if there was something you wanted to add or something you didn’t want, you can change things up.


Secure your project

I charge 50% upfront to secure your project. This is non-negotiable. Once the payment has been received, your project is secured.

It’s all about the Timings

Once the project is secured, I will confirm the timings and review your project so you know what to expect at each stage and when.


I wanna talk to you

This is where we get down into the nitty-gritty of your project. We can discuss on the phone, via Zoom or in real life, whatever fits best for us both. 

This is the time to send me anything and everything in relation to your project. This could include 

    • • Background information 
    • • Tone of Voice document
    • • Previous copy you’ve done
    • • Competitor information, the ones you like and the ones you don’t!

Let’s get down to business

Now I’m ready to get writing. 

I’ll save all your documents in a specific Google Drive folder that you will have access to. This allows me to work from one document and capture any changes and comments in the same place, without having multiple documents floating around in different emails and potentially missing critical information.

Got to get it right

For most projects, I’ll do three versions of your document 

    1. 1. First draft
    2. 2. Second draft
    3. 3. Final draft

With two rounds of amends. All this will be set out in your proposal and any additional rounds can be discussed separately.


Tell me what you think

We’ll have already agreed on how long you’re going to need to review and sign off the copy. Reviewing copy can take a considerable amount of time; you’ll need to go through the documents line by line to make sure they meet the brief. The more effort we both put in the better the end product will be.


Show me the love

When you’re happy and dandy and the job is complete I’ll invoice you the final amount. My payment terms are 7 days.

And there you have it

Once everything is done and dusted, we both should be happy with the end result. I ask all my clients for testimonials to feature on my website, as there’s nothing like a good recommendation. This can be done via email, a Google Review or on my Facebook page.