• Hi-Diddly-Dee, the Copywriter Life for Me

    Being a copywriter is a new role for me.

    I’ve been a writer ever since I was small. “The Land of Make-Believe” is my first ever book. I even illustrated it myself!

    The Land of Make Believe – by little me

    I continue to write. Creating stories, inventing characters and writing poems.

    My days as an illustrator came to an abrupt halt.

    Copywriting was a large part of my job in Public Relations. But because of the industry I worked in, there wasn’t much room for creativity and personality.

    When my son was born, I liked reading children’s stories to him. I tried to initiate imaginary play, but my Bear wasn’t much for pretend play till he was much older (this is common for autistic children).

    After my daughter was born, I started to think about what I wanted to do once she was in full-time school. I didn’t want to go back to working in the city due to the travel involved. It would have also meant using after-school care which I didn’t think my Bear would cope with very well.

    I wondered what kinds of things I could do from home that I would also enjoy. Did such a job exist? I started to read about being a copywriter and couldn’t believe I might actually get paid for writing.

    After following her social media for a while, I signed up for Kate Toon’s the Clever Copywriting School, and the rest is history.

    With the learnings from the courses and the massive support from The Clever Copywriting Community, I leapt into the copywriting world in February 2021 and so far, it’s awesome.

    Why I like working as a Copywriter

    • I like getting out to meet the clients and see their place of work. That is why I like working with local businesses.
    • Housework can be done during the day. If I want to, that is!
    • My dog isn’t alone during the day, and we can go walking when we need a break.
    • I work in my pjs if I want.
    • Co-workers can’t scrutinise my outfit or my lack of shoes.
    • I work where I feel most inspired, be it the kitchen table, my garden, or the local library.
    Copywriter Katie meeting clients
    • I can take my children to school and pick them up. Flexible enough to be able to come and get them if they are sick.

    It’s not always that glamorous

    I get all the glamorous jobs as a copywriter
    • Housework screams at me from the other side of my laptop. Today I had to spend half an hour unclogging the kitchen sink because I couldn’t ignore the glug-glug noise.
    • The dog likes to sit on my head if I don’t pay her enough attention.
    • I get so involved in my writing, I realise I haven’t moved from my chair for 5 hours. Thankfully I have an alarm on my phone to remind me to pick up the kids from school!
    • I need to cover all the boring bits of running my own business. I’m not big enough to be able to afford to outsource (yet), so I need to be a jack-of-all-trades.
    • The kitchen cupboard and fridge are faaaaar to easy to access.

    Being a copywriter is about me

    I am learning all the time. About myself, my capabilities, my strengths and my weak points.

    Most importantly, I am remembering that I am more than “Just a Mum.”

    Being a mother is by far the hardest job I’ve ever had to do and it’s never “just” anything.

    Doing something more, outside my comfort zone, outside my everyday life for the last 8 years has, so far, been very rewarding.

    This is only the beginning. I can’t wait to see where I am this time next year!

    If you want my copywriting skills for your website content, contact me and let’s chat.

    It will help keep me away from the fridge!