• Sensory Processing Disorder – Part Three; Barefoot Bear

    Updated April 2021

    Sensory seeker vs Sensory Sensitive
    Illustration to show Sensory seeker vs Sensory Sensitive

    On my Facebook Blog What Katie Wrote, I wrote a post about my barefoot Bear and his issues with shoes. a few years back.

    He is still a barefoot bear and still takes his shoes off as much as he can, but he has come a looooong way from where we started on the first day of kindy.

    Bear with his actual shoes on for school. Goal Kicked!

    But you know what, when I come home, the first thing I do is take off my shoes. I rarely have my shoes on because the floorboards are nice and smooth and I don’t want to get dirt from my shoes into my house.

    Back in the day when I toiled at a desk for a living, I constantly had to remember to put on grown up shoes and not walk around in thongs or bare feet all day.

    It’s not that I don’t like shoes, just that bare feet feels more natural to me.

    And I have a killer tan line!

    I’m a grown up. I understand the social rules that I can’t go around in bare feet all the time. But Bear still struggles with this. He is only 7 years old, why would he do something that doesn’t come naturally to him?

    Which is why I am very grateful to the teachers and EAs at school understanding Bear, realising he isn’t just being naughty and helping to keep his shoes on as much as possible.

    Read Bear’s Barefoot Journey Here

    He continues to improve. He knows that he has to wear shoes when we leave the house, so there isn’t much argument, just constant reminders!

    His shoe collection is very limited, especially compared to his sister. That is a good thing though as it means he doesn’t too much of a decision to make when it’s time to put shoes on.

    He wears simple shoes like crocs and sneakers with velcro. I am NOT looking forward to teaching him to tie his shoelaces!

    Socks are still much of a struggle so many times I don’t even bother. It’s easier to wash his shoes every now and then than deal with the meltdown or pick up the threads of the sock he has pulled apart.

    So far, the most important reason to get him to wear shoes at school is to stop him from eating his toe nails.

    But that’s a gross story for another day.

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