Deep Pressure

  • Sensory Processing Disorder – Part 5; DEEP Pressure

    Updated April 2021

    “Tackle me, roll on the floor with me, give me bear hugs”

    Sensory seeker vs Sensory Sensitive
    Illustration to show Sensory seeker vs Sensory Sensitive

    For Bear, there is almost no such thing as too much Deep Pressure. I can lie on top of him with all my weight and tickle him till he cant barely breathe, and he will beg for more if I stop.

    Boy in a green lycra bed sock looking like a caterpillar to help with sensory issue
    A green lycra bed sock becomes a caterpillar.

    He loves it all. Craves it. Begs for it.

    • Rough play.
    • Strong hugs.
    • Steam rollers on the trampoline.
    • Weighted blanket on his bed.
    • Lycra bed sock as a stretchy sack.

    He also finds ways to give himself deep pressure when he needs it.

    Dr. Temple Grandin invented the Hug Box, a deep pressure device, while she was in college.

    Bear has the Dino Deep Pressure Suit.

    Dino Deep Pressure Suit to help with autism
    Dino Deep Pressure Suit (Patent Pending)

    The suit itself is actually getting a bit small, but he increases the pressure he receives while wearing the suit by stuffing soft toys inside.

    He sometimes walks around the house with his suit stuffed to the brim.

    I’ve seen him admiring himself in my long length mirror!

    But I regularly find him just lying quietly in his room in his stuffed suit. I’ve even found him fast asleep.

    We’ve used compression vests in the past from JettProof, an awesome Australian company who designed these vests to help their son Jett who also has Autism. These worked for a few years and his kindy teachers could tell when he wasn’t wearing it. But he isn’t so keen on wearing them now which shows how his needs are changing as he is growing up.

    But I like the fact that he is finding his own ways to deliver the deep pressure that he needs when he needs it. He will still ask for big cuddles from us when he needs them and I will always give them to him. No matter what age.

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