Girls Weekend

  • Girls’ Weekend at the Perth Cocktail Festival

    Autism Awareness Month shouldn’t just be about the individual with Autism. It’s very important not to forget those who may not be Autistic themselves but are still heavily affected by it. As a mother of a highly energetic boy who has Autism, I need a break now and then.

    I had sadly missed out on the 6 weeks support I get at the beginning of the year when my parents usually come to visit from the UK (Thanks Covid). My in-laws are very good at having the kids over to give me and the Husband a break, but it’s good to have a proper rest.

    I had planned a big girls’ week-end away with friends when the Perth Cocktail Festival was first advertised for February and we were all very disappointed when the date changed. We were a group of mums all in need of a break! Sadly, many of the party had to drop out until eventually there were only two. We were still determined to have a good weekend.

    Katie and Lisa

    Booked into the Crown Promenade for two nights, these mums were gonna have fun!

    First thing on the agenda?


    Well, maybe not the first thing, but we slept HARD.

    Thick sheets, comfy pillows and best of all, no kids sleeping on my head or spread eagle across the bed.

    We spent Friday night chilling at the casino, eating noodles and drinking cocktails in preparation for the festival the following night.

    A lie in never felt soooo goooooood.

    Saturday started in bliss with a dark room and no alarms to wake us up. After some brunch, a nap and relaxing around the swimming pool, we were well rested, ready to hit the festival right on 5pm.

    With our pre-booked tickets, we didn’t have to queue.

    The addition of the complimentary cocktail and food token were quickly cashed in at the Tiki Island and the deliciousness began.

    Frozen cocktails and Bao buns to begin with, then onto the hard liquor.

    Cocktails 101.

    There were some spaces in the Cocktail Masterclasses so we signed up for the next available spot. Making cocktails that we got to drink, with matching food… Hells yea! Our class was making a Breakfast Margarita with Tanqueray No. Ten.

    Breakfast Margaritas

    We were treated to an interesting history lesson about Tanqueray Gin and stepped through the reasonings behind the 3-2-1 ratios for the cocktail.

    Then it was time to mix! Proper cocktail shakers, strainers and giant buckets of ice, we were quickly sipping a delicious, if not slightly tart, cocktail.

    Interestingly, the food they served to match the margarita was a cheeseburger spring roll. They were good too but a little overwhelming with flavour compared to the more sophisticated flavours of the cocktail. I still ate it all though!

    So just dance, dance, dance.

    Being the end of March instead of February, things started to get a little cool, so we headed over to the silent disco for a dance.

    It was quite funny watching everyone already with a headset on dancing away to music we couldn’t hear.

    Silent Disco Time!

    The headphones had three channels so you could chose the kind of music you wanted, and flip between them to your hearts content.

    We may not have been able to hear the music, but it was very easy to tell when certain songs came on by the dance moves! We danced away for ages until we were nice and toasty warm again.

    Free drinks? Yes Please!

    Our next and most favourite spot was the demo stage. The presenters and the bar tenders were quite a comedy act and had the whole audience joining in. Samples of the cocktails were handed out and we had to vote for the best tasting one. They were all good but especially because they were free!

    We also won free full sized cocktails for joining in with the presenter. I got high-fived to the head, but hey, it got us free drinks!

    We got to try cocktails that we may not have tried otherwise. The best one was a Popcorn Piña colada. It actually tased like popcorn! The mixologist owns Foxtrot Unicorn on St. Georges Terrace in Perth’s CBD and is about to open a new bar in Fremantle. I will definitely be popping in once its open!

    Sweet dreams are made of these.

    The festival finished by 10pm and we headed back to the hotel. We talked about bedtime snacks and a movie but we were both asleep as soon as our heads hit those comfy pillows!

    Another solid night’s sleep with a lie in, more relaxing around the pool and some lunch, it was time to go home again.

    2022 Here we come!

    It may not have been the weekend we had planned with all our friends, but the two of us had an awesome time and we are already making plans for the Perth Cocktail Festival 2022. With enough notice, we may actually be able to arrange that weekend off with all of us able to make it.

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