Thinking about using a copywriter?

Many people wonder why they should use a copywriter for their content creation. Obviously, I am biased and would always recommend you use a professional where possible to do the tasks you struggle to complete.

I am living that statement right now as I work on my own branding and web content.

Why is it that you can be so positive about other people, but when it comes to saying nice thingsin relation yourself, many of us trip and fall at the first hurdle?

That’s how I find it. I am the first person to say confidence-boosting things to my friends but can’t seem to say them about myself. It’s as if I have no confidence in my own positive bits.

Confidence is key

Being a copywriter and starting my own business is helping a lot with that. You need to have confidence in yourself if you are going to succeed. You will never get clients if you think you aren’t good at what you do. If you don’t believe in yourself, why should anyone else?

Thankfully, I love writing. Whenever I’ve shared little poems, stories or helped someone re-write a letter or their resume, people have been so full of praise, I’ve taken on the compliments and let it drive me to where I am now. Now I have a whole heap of testimonials that cheer me up if I ever feel less than awesome about my abilities.

Working as a copywriter

Being a freelance copywriter ticks so many of my boxes and I can’t quite believe I am getting paid to do something I love. Yes, I need to continually develop my techniques, skills etc. but does that ever end? Anyway, it’s something I want to continually improve upon so it’s not exactly a chore to me. The word nerd in me is excited to start The Recipe for SEO Success so I can improve on my SEO copywriting services.

But I tell you what, writing about myself is HARD! Saying nice things about myself and my business is hard. It’s a strange thing to admit as a copywriter but finding the right words to describe me is proving tricky.

I don’t want to sound like I’m boasting. “OOO Look at me, Look how awesome I am.”

But at the same time, I need to show confidence in myself. “Yes, I am the right kind of awesome for your business.”

So, instead of beating myself up and agonising for weeks on end, I have sought the services of a professional.

Professional content

Little Design Farm is a beautiful boutique graphic design company in Western Australia.

It has the quirky side that I like and the brand colours are bold which appeals to me.

It’s also run by the beautiful Deb who just gets what I am about and what I am trying to achieve with my business.

Little Design Farm ready to cultivate my ideas

I am slowly working through her branding brief and logo development but even with those templates, I am finding it hard to write actual nice words about my brand because I am linking it too closely with myself.

  • If your business was a celebrity, who would it be and why?

I assume saying Danny DeVito because he is small, dumpy and weird looking isn’t the right way to view my brand.

  • If your business was an animal, what breed would it be and why?

I suppose a sloth doesn’t give the right image to potential clients.

  • Who is your target market?

Erm, nice people? Too broad?

  • Ten words that best describe your company.

Not boring. And eight other words that are professional sounding.

Better together

After our initial meeting and subsequent discussions with Deb, we are creating a logo, branding, and any other creative content we think will be needed as my business grows. Working with someone experienced in the area of branding will ensure I stop making it all about me and focus on what is important; my business, my skills and my experience. (I’m sure she will have some nice things to say about me too though!)

Using another professional to help me move forward isn’t being lazy, it’s about understanding where my strengths are and focusing my time there instead of struggling to do something and making things harder for myself than they need to be. It’s also about appreciating the talent of other professional creatives out there.

So if you’re now thinking “I need a copywriter”, drop me a line so we can get your creative content flowing and help make your business shine. You deserve to focus on your strengths.

To paraphrase Vidal Sassoon, “If You Look Good, We Look Good.”