When running your own business, you’ll know why it’s important to have your own website; to get your Homepage just right, an About Page that shows exactly what you’re all about and product descriptions to get your customers clicking in all the right places (like ‘Add to Cart’ or ‘Call Now’).

But by the time you get to your Blog Page, your enthusiasm for the written word may have dried up a bit. Knowing what topics to write about, which keywords to use, how to structure it; working it all out can be overwhelming, especially when your to-do list is already never-ending.

So let me whet your whistle and help get those creative juices flowing again by explaining the benefits of a blog for a small business like yours. You’ll find out why your blog page can be one of your most valuable assets and is worthy of investing in for the long run.

Answers those burning questions

Regardless of what your products or services are, your target audience will have questions, thoughts, maybe some wonderments about your small business. A blog is a way of capturing the most common questions and answering them in a way that reflects your values and brand voice, building a relationship between you and your ideal customer.

You can show your deep understanding of your customers, talk to them in a way they’ll relate to and reassure them that your offerings are what they want or need.

They in turn can see that your small business matches their own values or beliefs, that you fit into their life and are worthy of their attention, loyalty and custom.

Then, when someone types their burning question into Google, you’ve got a better chance of appearing in those search results, being the result they click on and answering their question in the way that captures their attention.

Keeps things fresh and helpful

No website should be “set and forget”. A blog page that’s regularly updated with fresh content shows Google that your website is active and relevant. Adding new content to your site, such as a blog posts, increases the amount of pages you have in the Google index and therefore increases the chances of your content appearing in appropriate search results.

But that doesn’t mean churning out mediocre fluff in an attempt to impress Google.

Google’s latest Helpful Content update focuses on rewarding content that’s (surprise surprise) Helpful! Content that’s original and beneficial to its readers is more likely to rank higher in search results, putting your small business in front of more of your target audience.

A well thought out content strategy delivering targeted information designed to satisfy your customers will have the added benefit of satisfying Google as well.

Builds a name for yourself

Why should your customers come to you and not your competitor? Reasons such as price, quality and customer service all have an impact, but so does your reputation. Just because you’re a small business, doesn’t mean you can’t have a big reputation.

Through your blogs, you have the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge about your products, provide valuable information to your customers to help them make an informed purchase, and establish your credibility in your industry.

The topics you write about and how you approach them can be a way to show your personality and put a face to your brand. Sharing behind-the-scenes stories and personal anecdotes can create a deeper connection with your customers, developing a level of trust along with your reputation.

Cost effective content

A well written article doesn’t just make your blog page look impressive. Utilised correctly, it can be a very cost-effective piece of marketing.

  • Using the right keywords, effective headers and well labelled images, a blog can add to the SEO (including local SEO) for your website.
  • Well-executed internal links in your blog to other content on your website enhances user experience, helps readers navigate around your website, finding new content and increasing time spent on your site.
  • Blogs live on your website and are shared on your social media platforms. This increases your visibility and social signals, and makes it easier for your content to be shared by others.
  • Using a program such as Google Analytics, you can see which blog posts are popular, which ones aren’t and what channels are being used to access them. Using this info allows you to refine your content marketing strategy and produce more targeted content that your customers want.
  • Crafted correctly, a blog can attract traffic and generate leads long after their publish date. Evergreen content stays relevant and can be promoted multiple times, delivering long term benefits to your small business.

Get the benefits of a blog for your small business

So hopefully I’ve whipped up your enthusiasm and you can see all the ways a blog page can boost your business. But if the thought of making time to write all those articles douses that enthusiasm like a bucket of cold water, never fear, your local copywriter is here.

My blog packages can help kick start your content, boost your brand recognition, and expand your business visibility in the online world. Together we’ll identify the core pillars of your business and create fresh and ‘helpful’ content around them.

Contact me today so I can craft the content that will satisfy your customers, Google and of course, you.