Whether you’re a cozy cafe, a boutique shop, or a local service provider, a well-crafted website can work wonders for your small business. With so much activity happening on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, it’s natural to wonder if it’s still worth having your own website?

If you’re still not sure, here are some of the main reasons why your small business would benefit from having your own website and how it can bring your business out of the shadows and into the limelight where it belongs.

Your Virtual Presence 24/7

A website allows you to have your business out there at any time of the day or night. It allows your ideal customer to learn about your business and what you have to offer at a time that suits them and they can find you whenever they are ready.

Increases your online presence

Customers looking for your business or offerings are likely to start with a Google search. Having a website that has all your details, products, services etc. gives Google information to include in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).

A well-constructed website featuring comprehensive details about your offerings—be it products, services, or other information—provides Google with the information it needs to  increase your rankings and your online presence on the SERPs.

Gives you a professional edge

If a business doesn’t have a website, customers are less likely to trust them. A website is like a virtual storefront, a platform where potential customers can check out your brand and offerings. A polished website reinforces your professionalism and allows you to showcase your knowledge and understanding about your industry.

Improves your credibility

Websites aren’t just for selling products. You can use it as a way of educating your customers about your products so they’re more comfortable about buying it, knowing it’s the right thing for them.  You can answer their questions, relay their worries and build their trust in you as an expert in your field.

Puts you in control

Have you tried to update details of your business on other business listings? Some are easy, but you’re having to rely on someone else updating your details correctly, or maintaining their website correctly so it doesn’t fall victim to spammers or hackers.

Platforms such as Facebook and Instragram are very important tools for many businesses, either for marketing, promotion or even sales. You might be thinking “do I need a website if I have a facebook page?”. At the end of the day, those platforms are owned by someone else. You’re at the mercy of their updates, changing functions you might rely on or completely removing certain functions.

Having your own website means you’re in control of how it works, looks and functions.

Reflects your individual brand

The beauty of creating your own website is being able to show your brand’s personality. From the layout, to the colours used and even the fonts used; they all come together to show your unique business. You can share your journey and values and create connections with your customers. You can display testimonials from satisfied customers, or prove how your services have helped others.

All of this can help set you apart from your competitors; something that is harder to do when your main online presence is a Facebook page that’s set out like everyone else’s.

Your website, Your way

Whether you’re just starting your business or looking to expand and grow, having your own website isn’t an option, it’s a must-have to be able to take full advantage of all the opportunities out there.

How do you write the content for your website? Well that’s another story which I’d be happy to answer for you in another blog.

If you don’t want to wait and want to get started now on creating engaging content for your website, get in touch today and let’s get started.