Think about what local businesses you use regularly.

  • Have you had a fabulous meal at a local restaurant?
  • Has a shop assistant gone out of their way to help you?
  • Maybe you’ve bought a locally produced product and you absolutely love it.

Why not take a few moments and leave them a Google review?

What is a Google review?

It’s a quick and easy way to you can support your local businesses without the need to spend any extra cash.

Many businesses will have a Google Business Profile (formally known as Google My Business). It’s a free listing on Google where any business can share information, including:

  • Location
  • Contact details including a website
  • Info about their products and/or services.

It’s also a way for customers to leave feedback that is open for anyone to read.

How does it work?

The more reviews a business has, (good and bad) the more the Google bots will find it a reliable profile. This means they are more likely to be ranked higher on search engine results pages (SERPs).

The higher a business is on those SERPs, the more likely people will find them.

So in other words, leaving a review on a local business’s Google profile will help other people find them and hopefully increase their customer base.

Improving a business’s visibility online as well as helping local people find awesome local businesses for all their purchasing needs. Think of all the good karma you’re creating!

How you can leave a Google review

If you want to leave a review but not sure what to do, never fear, Google explains how to leave a Google review.

You can just leave a simple star rating, or you can go into detail about your experience, even adding your own photos.

A business who activly manages their profile will hopefully leave some sort of response as it shows they value customer feedback and interaction.

How to get your own Google reviews

If you’re a local business, you need to have your own Google Business Profile and get in on this Googly goodness. Find out how to set up your Business Profile on Google and follow their simple steps.

Once you’ve completed the verification process, you can add all sorts of information, such as:

  • Updates to keep your customers informed about your latest goings on.
  • Events you’ve arranged or taking part in. This is especially good for those home-based businesses who go to markets and fairs as it makes sure your customers know where they can find you to make a purchase.
  • Information about your products and services with links back to your website so they can find out more about your business.

It’s a great way to keep up communication with your customers and it’s awesome when someone leaves you a glowing review.

However, it can be hard when someone leave a negative review. Try to see those kinds of reviews as a way of improving your services instead of taking it to heart. You can still respond to those reviews in a positive way, such as thanking them for bringing something to your attention. It shows you care about your customers’ opinions and are willing to take them onboard.

Get your slice of the Google cake and eat it too

Having an optimised and proactive Google Business Profile is so important for your local SEO and online visability. It can also be time-consuming to set up and manage on a regular basis.

If you need more practical help, check out my Google Business Profile management packages and choose the best way I can help you to pimp your profile and get those Google juices flowing your way.

So, which businesses are you going to leave a review for?