It’s easy to feel invisible when it comes to being found online. Running a small local business can feel like an uphill battle when your competition online includes big brands with big marketing budgets. How are you supposed to get your small business noticed by local people?

But guess what? You’ve already found the secret weapon: the power of “local” SEO. Your customers are looking for your business by typing things like “best bakery near me” or “reliable plumber in Rockingham” into Google. This is where local SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) comes in. It’s all about making sure your business pops up at the top of those local searches.

There are a few ways you can use local SEO to get a head start on the competition, including Content Marketing and Google Business Profile. Let’s break it down in a way that’s easier than baking a pie (unless you’re that Secret Harbour bakery we all know and love!).

The Local SEO Lowdown

SEO is about making it as easy as possible for those search engines to understand what your business is all about. Well written website content uses keywords to explain what your business is and how you can help your customers with your specific products and services. Local SEO uses local keywords to make it even easier for search engines to include your business in local searches by making your content say “Hey, I’m right here in Rockingham and I’m the best plumber south of the river.”

There’re a few key things search engines look at when including local businesses in their SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Google My Business (GMB) Profile

It’s like your free online storefront. A complete and updated GMB profile with accurate info (name, address, phone number), shining reviews, and engaging posts makes a huge difference in your ranking. Happy customers leave happy reviews, and those reviews not only build trust but also boost your local SEO ranking.

Using your business keywords and local keywords, you can add in details about your products or services, include links for customers to book in easily, and let your customers know about any events or special sales you’re having.

Local Shoutouts

The more your business is mentioned online (with accurate and up-to-date information) the better, and an easy way to increase this is via online directories, websites and social media platforms.
Australia-wide options include:

Just make sure you specify your local operating areas properly, so the customers who find you live in Perth, Western Australia and not Perth, Scotland.

You can investigate local business directories aimed at your local areas, such as the for businesses in the Rockingham and Kwinana area, and industry-specific directories, such as CPA Australia for certified public accountants. It’s about finding what’s out there for your business.

All these mentions are like little digital votes of confidence for your business and can add up to boost your online presence.

Content is King

Now, let’s talk about content marketing. The right content for your small business can seriously power up your local SEO game so it’s worth taking the time to get it right.

Keyword Magic

Content lets you target those business and local keywords I mentioned earlier. The more you use them naturally, the more search engines understand you’re the local expert for that specific need. Using Pillars and Clusters, you can cover the main areas of your business with informative content that engages your customers and demonstrates your knowledge whilst including the keywords your customers are typing into search engines to find your business.

Keep them on the hook

Fresh, engaging content keeps customers on your website, and search engines take notice of that too. They see happy visitors spending time browsing and consider it a sign of a great website. Using an internal linking strategy not only helps those customers find new and interesting content elsewhere on your website, it also helps search engines understand your site’s structure and how your pages work together.

Be a local authority

Sharing informative content about local events, collaborating with other local businesses, or showcasing your expertise makes you look like a local pro. Search engines love that and reward you with higher rankings. Building your local business network and sharing positive information builds trust with your local customers and helps to support other local businesses. I do this with my “Small Business Shoutout” on my social media platforms.

Beautiful backlinks

Well written and engaging content naturally attracts shares, links from other websites, and those oh-so-important positive reviews. All these things further strengthen your local SEO authority. For example, a blog post about “hidden gems in Mandurah” might get shared by locals, giving your website a valuable boost.

Get creative with your content

So how can you create content that gets you noticed locally?

  • Focus on content that caters specifically to your local audience. Highlight your community involvement, share local tips, or feature success stories from satisfied customers in your area.
  • Don’t just post your content and hope for the best. Share it on social media, local forums, or collaborate with other local businesses to get it seen by more people.
  • Regularly update your website with content that’s useful to your customers to keep them coming back, whilst also giving the search engines what they need to keep you at the top of those SERPs.

If this sounds all well and good but you’re still not sure how to get started, let me handle the heavy lifting. From keyword research and pillar/cluster creation to content strategies and engaging blog posts, I’ll take care of what’s needed so you can focus on running your business.

Step out of the online shadows and let your local SEO shine

By creating valuable, local-focused content, you can harness the power of local SEO right in your own backyard. With consistent content that resonates with your local audience, you’ll establish yourself as a trusted local expert. Watch your website climb the local search engine rankings, get more attention online and hopefully bring more customers walking through your doors (or clicking on your website if you’re an online business).

So, are you ready to take charge of your local SEO journey? Grab a cup of coffee, put on your creative hat, and start writing, or drop me a line to help you craft the content that will make your business the go-to choice in Perth.